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Lastest Release info:

  • v0.15 to be released as soon there is enough changes for a release A current devel version might be avaible here
  • v0.10 release today the 16/03/2003 it includes pmode and some basic interrupt handlers including a moveable pointer and a spinner
  • v0.03 release today the 15/02/2003 it can draw a frame a round the screen well sort of but now there is no logo or anything just a couple of lines
  • v0.02 release today the 12/13/2002 included surpport for graphics and I moved some of the code around and also removed code to write to the screen but it switchs to fast to read it anyway
  • v0.01 released today the 12/12/2002 currently it can load the next part of itself and print to the screen